Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Bohemians - Road Trip (Part 1)

Friday afternoon was turning out to be as muggy, hot an uncomfortable as any Kurt remembered.  The occasional cloud offered only mild relief from the hot early summer sun.

As Kurt left the furniture store around 4:30pm and headed to the parking lot.  He had the weekend off for a change since he worked evening's during the week.  Shoppers liked the cooler temperatures of the evenings and he liked the hours since for some reason couples rarely made decisions on furniture purchases alone.   As he walked to the parking lot, a slight breeze offered him a welcome relief from the oppressive atmosphere.  He thought about going out that night, hoping to meet up with Max or one of the other members of the Bohemians, but the idea of wearing leather in this heat didn't appeal.

As he neared his car he heard the low growl of a motorcycle getting closer.  He looked toward the street at the same moment the big shiny black Harley Davidson rumbled into the parking lot.  The rider was dressed in denim and a T-shirt, his face concealed behind the reflective visor of his helmet and he maneuvered the hulking bike directly into Kurt's path, stopping right in front of him.

"You got plans for the weekend?" Max said as he removed his helmet.

Kurt suppressed a grin as he answered.  "Not really, too fucking hot to do anything but stay inside."

"Nonsense", Max replied.  "You're coming with me and a few of the club brothers on a small road trip."

Kurt's eyes lit up.  "Road trip? I haven't got a bike."

"That's not a problem.  I'll be by your place to pick you up at 6:00.  We need to be on the road while it's still light."

Kurt quickly gave Max his address and then turned to his car as Max rode away.  He felt a stirring in his crotch as the rumble of the bike's engine receded into the distance.

A road trip?

Max, Rudy and Hector were waiting outside Kurt's apartment building promptly at 6:00.  They were all dressed similar to Max, just jeans and t-shirts and leather harness boots.  Hector was riding a big Honda, tricked out with lots of chrome and running lights.  On the seat behind him sat Billy, wearing jeans and lace up military boots.  His shirt was tucked under him and his skin glowed with the beginnings of a tan.

Kurt stopped momentarily and took the scene in.  "Where are we headed?"

Max tossed a helmet to Kurt as he replied, "Mother's place south of here near Hearsford."

"Mother?" You mean your family has a farm down there?"

Hector let out a hearty laugh, "No pinche pendejo!  Mother is Sal.  He inherited his uncle's farm down there."

"We are going down to clean it up for the club run next month," Max added.  "It will give you a chance to get the lay of the land, literally!"

They all chuckled.  Kurt put his helmet on and then looked around not knowing what to do next.

Max pointed to the back of the big black Harley as he dismounted.  "You get my 'bitch seat' but don't get any ideas."

Kurt stepped up and mounted the bike and strapped the helmet under his chin.  Max followed climbing astride the big machine. Kurt leaned into Max and asked, "I've never done this before, what do I do?"

"Just hold on to me and when I lean to the right, just put your head over my right shoulder, when I lean left, over my left shoulder.  That way you won't throw me off balance."

As max hot the ignition the big Harley rumbled to life. Instinctively, Kurt held on to Max's waist as the bike pulled out of the parking lot. Having Max sitting between his legs was incredibly erotic, and combined with the vibrations of the bike Kurt had an erection in no time. As they rode out of the city and onto the highway, Max relaxed a little and leaned back.  His body pressing against Kurt felt good and did nothing to reduce Kurt's hard-on.

It was only a couple of hours to Mother's farm but the last 12 miles were over hard packed gravel farm road.  Kurt was glad for the helmet and his harness boots as the gravel pelted him.  When they at last slowed down, they paused in front of a gate.

Billy jumped off Hector's bike and ran over and unlocked the rusty padlock that fastened the chain holding the gate closed. Then he pulled it open wide enough for the bikes to enter.  The three big motorcycles slowly rode over the cattle crossing and onto the property. Billy dutifully closed the gate and refastened the lock.

As he remounted Hector's bike, Kurt could not help admiring Billy's firm ass and remembering how amazing it had looked back in Sal's shop opening up for Sal's muscular arm.

In a few minutes they arrived at a worn old farmhouse situated in a clearing.  On the porch was Sal, sitting in a rocker sipping from a cold bottle of Pepsi.  He was dressed pretty much like the other guys, jeans and t-shirt.
"Well howdy kids!" Sal called from the porch.

As the three bikes parked next to a big black and white Harley 3-wheeler that looked like it had once been a police bike.  As the motors stopped, and the men climbed off the bikes, Kurt still felt the tingling vibration of the motorcycle.  His legs were a bit stiff and his butt was sore from the ride.  As they walked up to the porch, Max noticed the way Kurt was moving and slapped his ass.
"Butt still buzzing from the ride?"

Kurt turned and grinned sheepishly.

"you'll get used to it," Max said, "I even get sore from a long ride, just comes with the territory."
Hector had opened the cooler sitting on the porch and pulled out a couple of small brown bottles.  He tossed one to Billy.

"What are drinking, Kurt?"

"Whatever you are having," Kurt replied and Hector threw him a bottle of Bohemia.

"Right out of Mexico my friend!" Hector said with pride.  "Appropriate name for us too, no?"

He walked over and opened the bottle for Kurt with his Swiss Army knife.  "No fucking EZ open caps in Mexico!"

Kurt chuckled and put the cold bottle to his lips.  He was unprepared for the yeasty taste of the cold beverage.
"That's real beer my friend," Hector said, "not that horse piss from Colorado!"

Max had seated himself on the edge of the porch and was drinking a can of Dr. Pepper.  He turned to Sal and asked, " so other than clearing the brush out of the camping area, what is left to do?"

Sal stood and strolled to the edge of the porch, "Well, I cleaned out the old pole barn and got a slab of concrete poured for the floor.  It should serve as the cook house once I get the grills moved in there."  He took another sip of his drink.

"Other than that we level up a spot for the porta-potties I am having delivered and run extension cords to them for lights."

Max nodded in agreement and put his arm around Kurt.  "Luckily, we have extra help today."

"So I see."  Sal replied, "but I don't see a pledge patch on him?"

"I suspect by the end of the weekend you will," Max said as he hugged Kurt's shoulder.

Kurt was stunned.  Pledge?  Sounded like a frat thing.

Rudy walked up to him and looked him up and down in an exaggerated manner. "Max, Sir,  I gotta wonder if this boy has it in him to pledge our club?"

Hector laughed, "Oh I bet he has had it in him already with Max around."

Before the weekend was over, Kurt would find out exactly what Billy meant.