Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The Bohemians - After the Party

(This is part of an ongoing story I am writing.  It's erotic fiction intended for adults.  The time period is somewhere in the late 1970's so some of what goes on might be considered unsafe today.  Additionally, I have tried to keep things realistic.  Most of the events and activities are drawn from my experience and though this is far from autobiographic, it is all real in that it can and does go on in the world of leather.  Enjoy!)

Three in the morning saw Kurt, Rudy and Max devouring plates of waffles and bacon at the diner not far from the clubhouse.  All three had worked up an appetite and since the next day was Sunday, nobody was worried about getting up early.

Max took a drink from his coffee mug then looked at Kurt. “Seems like you managed to fit right in tonight.”

Kurt nodded, finishing a mouthful of waffle. “I had a lot of help.  Rudy gave me a lot of pointers and didn’t seem to mind that I am so green.”

Max and Rudy laughed.

“Rudy should be able to give you pointers,” Max said.  “He is one of the best Tops I know.”

Kurt almost dropped his fork.

“I always like to switch when we have an up and coming Top in our playroom,” Rudy chuckled.  “It lets me know if they have any promise or are just a ‘wannabe’.”  He took another bite of bacon.  “You, Sir are the real deal.”

Kurt was speechless.  He had figured Rudy was just a friendly bottom who was willing to give a newcomer a try.  He never expected this.

Max looked up at Kurt. “Hell, Kurt, everyone bottoms sometime.  How else would you know what you were doing?  Besides, you can really spot talent from the receiving end, and Rudy thinks you have talent.”

Kurt was still speechless.  He had no idea he was being evaluated, and by another Top!

“Don’t worry,” Rudy said, reaching out and laying his hand on Kurt’s arm, “you didn’t screw up at all, and frankly I had a great time.  But I guess my dick gave that away?”

Max and Rudy laughed, watching Kurt for a reaction.

“I am glad I didn’t know any of this before,” Kurt said, “or I would never have been able to get through it, much less get my cock hard.”

He took a sip of coffee and then looked at Rudy again.

“So all that ‘yes Sir’ stuff was just an act?”

Rudy looked him in the eye.  “Oh hell no. When I am bottoming to someone, I always give them benefit of the doubt.  And once you started in on my ass and I was bent over your knee, I fell into the role pretty easily.”  Rudy moved closer to Kurt, his voice dropping a bit as he spoke, “while we were playing, I felt the energy in you, and it was easy to be your boy.  Something clicked in you, and you took command and that is a powerful stimulant.”

“I still feel like I have so much more to learn.” Kurt said, his voice quivering.

Max chimed in, “Oh you do, but I have a feeling you’re going to be the kind of leatherman that will have boys flocking to you in no time.”

Rudy added, “And a few Tops as well!  Now, if you don’t have any plans, I would love to see what you are like in a more private setting.”  He smiled and the twinkle in his eye let Kurt know he was serious.

As they left the diner, Max mounted his bike and kicked the starter.  It rumbled to life as he took off his cap.  He tucked the cap into the saddlebag and put a shiny black helmet on the turned to Kurt and Rudy.

“See you two soon, I hope.”  He then gunned the throttle and the big black Harley roared off down the deserted street.

Rudy turned to Kurt, “Why don’t you follow me, I promise I won’t lose you.”

They returned to their cars and Kurt followed Rudy off into the pre-dawn darkness.

Rudy lived in an old building several miles from the clubhouse.  It was a part of the city that realtors would describe as “transitional”.  Formerly populated with small businesses and a few scattered apartments, the neighborhood was changing.  Gay men and lesbians were moving in, drawn by the inexpensive rent and quirky architecture they were already having an impact on the neighborhood.

His place, was actually in a storefront, just off the main street.  He had remodeled the front to appear more like a residence, including a decorative iron gate over the door.  Inside it was clean and Spartan.  Wood floors had been refinished and shined, the rough brick of the walls and the ornamental tin ceiling tiles contrasted to the sleek modern furnishings.  Rudy had good taste, and most likely a good job to afford this kind of residence but Kurt didn’t ask about that, he was drawn to Rudy’s easy mannerisms and sexy body.  He was also curious just what would happen now that they were alone.

Rudy tossed his jacket over a chair and walked into the kitchen.

“You want anything to drink?”

Kurt waited in the living area and called out, “No thanks, I’m stuffed from breakfast.”

As Rudy walked back in carrying a bottle of water, “well maybe we can stuff you with something else now that we are alone?”  He laughed at his own joke, putting Kurt at ease.

Kurt was removing his jacket when Rudy wrapped his arms around him and pulled him into a deep passionate kiss.  Pulling Kurt against his body and grabbing Kurt’s ass.

“Let’s get out of these clothes and slip into the shower.”  Kurt whispered.

They left a trail of clothing all the way to the bathroom where Rudy walked into a big shower with a glass partition.  The floor was tile, but the walls were rough stone, and the shower head had a shining chrome hose attached to it.  Rudy turned to face Kurt as he finished the last of the water from the plastic bottle.

“You were fucking hot tonight, Kurt”

Kurt looked at Rudy’s tight naked body and nodded. “You would be hot any night, Rudy.”

Rudy moved closer to Kurt, their cocks already erect brushed against each other.

“You really do have the makings of a damned good Top,” Rudy said.  “So how about I thank you properly, and christen you at the same time?”

Kurt smiled and took Rudy’s firm cock in his hand.  He stroked it a bit before dropping to his knees.

Rudy looked down at him. “you know what comes next?”

Kurt smiled, then he licked the head of Rudy’s dick. “I have a pretty good idea, and since you have been drinking water all night, I think it’s time you showed me.”

Rudy closed his eyes, working to relax just enough to open up.  He felt the strong push of urine as it ran through his erect dick.

Kurt saw Rudy’s cock twitch as first a thin dribble and then a strong stream of warm piss shot toward Kurt.  It splashed over his chest and ran down his body.  The warm liquid felt wonderful as he moved his face lower to let Rudy’s piss splash his face.  Then opening his mouth he let it fill up, then looked up at Rudy who smiled as Kurt spit the piss back drenching Rudy’s chest.

Kurt couldn’t keep his hand off his own cock, and was stroking his piss slick shaft as Rudy filled his mouth again and again.  Some he swallowed, and some he spit back onto Rudy all the time looking directly into his eyes with a fiery stare.

“Fuck that is so hot!” Kurt said between mouthfuls.

Rudy paused and reached down, pulling Kurt to his feet.  He kissed his piss soaked lips and explored Kurt’s mouth with his tongue.

“Sometimes everyone likes to bottom, don’t they?”

Kurt just nodded and dropped back on his knees.

Rudy managed to reward him with one more long stream of steaming piss before he shoved his cock into Kurt’s mouth.
Kurt sucked his shaft deep, savoring the salty piss, knowing the next reward would be much more fun.

Rudy pulled Kurt to him, ramming his dick down Kurt’s throat as he began fucking his mouth.  His balls slapped Kurt’s chin making wet slapping sounds.  Kurt was stroking his own dick while he worked on Rudy’s.   He knew at this rate he wouldn’t last long, and he had other plans for his load, so he slowed down enough to prevent a premature conclusion to the evening.

Rudy was too far gone to stop.  He thrust again and again into Kurt’s mouth, occasionally making him gag, but nothing too severe.  He felt his balls contract and a familiar stirring between his legs.  He was on the verge of cumming and he pulled his cock out of Kurt’s mouth.

Kurt understood, and just opened his mouth, his eager tongue awaiting what Rudy offered.
“Oh fuck!” Rudy cried, “I’m cumming.”

Kurt felt the first shot of hot cum as it missed his mouth and hit his cheeks, then he adjusted his position and got the full force of the next three.  His tongue was covered with cum as he swallowed all he could then moved close to lick Rudy’s dick clean.

“Of damn, that is sensitive!” Rudy tried to pull away, but Kurt grabbed his ass and held him firm.

“Oh fuck that is intense!” Rudy begged for mercy as he tried to pull away.  “Please Sir, have mercy on me.”

Hearing that word “Sir” again made Kurt more eager than ever, and he sucked Rudy’s sensitive dick until it deflated in his mouth.  Then he let go of Rudy’s ass and pulled away.

“Now it’s my turn.” He looked up at Rudy with a sly grin.  Then getting to his feet, he turned Rudy toward the rock wall of the shower and bent him forward.  He roughly pushed his fingers into Rudy’s ass and felt the slight resistance of his hole.

“You got any lube?” Kurt whispered in Rudy’s ear.

“Right behind you next to the sink.”

Kurt grabbed the bottle of lube and shot a generous amount onto his fingers. He roughly smeared the slippery substance against Rudy’s ass and then into his tight hole.  Rudy responded with a deep groan and pushed his beautiful round ass back onto Kurt’s fingers.

Kurt smeared the remaining lube on his hard throbbing dick and pressed into Rudy.  He felt the swollen head of his cock as it popped past the tight ring of muscle and then deep into Rudy’s ass.

“Of fuck yes!” Rudy groaned as Kurt started fucking him faster.

Kurt was holding his butt as he slammed in, feeling his cock drive home into that hot channel of Rudy’s butt.  He was an animal, grunting and thrusting, taking his pleasure as he pounded deep with each stoke.

He slapped Rudy’s wet ass as he kept fucking.

“Fuck yes, Sir!”  Rudy cried breathlessly.

That word again and it sent Kurt over the edge.

He held his cock deep in Rudy’s ass as he exploded.  Feeling his whole body quake with each spurt,  Kurt held Rudy tight and waited for the waves of sensation to wash over him.

He pulled Rudy up as his softening dick slid from his cum filled ass.  Rudy turned and grabbed his head, kissing him deeply.

“God damn you can fuck!” Rudy said as he broke their kiss.

“Good thing we are in the shower already,” Kurt said.  “ I think I must smell like piss.”

They both laughed as Rudy turned on the shower and they moved under the warm spray.