Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Bohemians - First Steps

Weeks passed, and Kurt studied the members of the Bohemians from a distance.  He didn't feel confident enough to actually approach them.  He studied their attitudes and body language and he understood the confidence they displayed, Tops and bottoms.  Most of the guys wearing the club patch, a shield with a flogger and a fist on it were similar in one respect. They were masculine to the extreme.  Smoking cigars, joking and roughhousing, and of course occasionally corralling a hot guy for an impromptu scene on the bar's patio.

In 1978, there were still places in the city where guys could openly have rough sex and not worry about law enforcement.  Most of the places where it was allowed to take place were backed by organized crime and everyone knew it.  The draw of hot men, sex and the camaraderie of the leather bar made those concerns secondary.

Just outside the bar was a shop that specialized in leather gear, clothing and sex toys.  It was open late and some nights the crowd in there was almost as hot as the bar next door.  Kurt began to frequent the leather shop as well, buying a few odds and ends, but still not really understanding what he needed.

The shop owner was a heavy guy, shaved head and a big gold earring in his right ear.  He recognized Kurt as one of those guys who was not just a tourist.  He saw the longing in Kurt's eyes and knew he would someday be both a player, and a good customer.  Sal, smiled as he saw Kurt enter the shop around 11:30pm.   He was seated behind the counter at his usual roost on a tall stool.  Tonight he was using a pair of sheers to trim his fingernails.

Kurt nodded in his direction and approached.  Sal was one of the few people he had gotten the nerve to talk with.
"Never seen nail clippers that big before."

Sal grinned, "Well some guys accuse me of being a size queen."

Kurt chuckled.  "Why are you always trimming your nails?"

Sal stopped and looked at Kurt like a hawk watching an innocent rabbit nibble at the grass.

"It's for safety."

Kurt continued to look puzzled.

"Handballing with a hangnail is just not a pleasant thing," Sal said as he resumed his work.

Kurt tried to appear confident as he nodded. "Of course."

Sal put the shears down and turned to Kurt again. "Do you even know what I am talking about?"

Kurt's confidence melted.  "No, not really."

Sal sighed and then spoke in a softer clandestine voice. "It's sometimes called fisting.  That is one of my specialties and my nails need to be smooth when I reach my hand inside a guys ass."
Kurt turned pale.  "What?"

Sal pointed to a sling hung in the corner.

"I like to get a guy up in there, feet up in the stirrups and grease his ass up real slick, then I coat my hand in Crisco and with the help of a hit of poppers, I slide it into the guy's hole.  Fucking amazing feeling!"

Kurt was still dumfounded, "you can do that?  Your whole hand!"

"Some guys like to take me all the way up to my elbow!"

"No fucking way!" Kurt gasped.

"Way," Sal replied. "And if you hang around til closing I'll give you a demonstration."

Kurt checked his watch and saw the store would close in another 20 minutes, so he browsed the racks of magazines, bought a couple of them and sat down on the bench outside the shop.  As he thumbed through the latest issue of Honcho he found his jeans becoming uncomfortably tight.  The images and stories, though titillating were not the problem, it was the anticipation of seeing Sal performing the mind boggling act he described to Kurt.

As it approached midnight, two muscular guys wearing motorcycle jackets walked past him into the store.  One was wearing only leather chaps beneath that framed his rounded ass.  A studded jock covered his crotch. In a few minutes, Sal poked his head out the door and motioned to Kurt.  After letting him inside, Sal turned the sign on the door to "Closed" and locked the entrance.
"Billy, Hector, this is Kurt," Sal said, "he's pretty new and I am showing him the ropes. Hope you don't mind company?"

Billy looked at Kurt with a smile, "Heck no, besides, he looks pretty hot to me!"

The big Hispanic man just nodded.

They all moved to the back of the shop, where the sling hung, well out of sight of the door.  Sal hit a light switch and the room went dark except for a single light over the sling. Then he turned to Billy and grabbed the neck of his jacket.  Sal jerked Billy toward him, their lips colliding in a sloppy deep kiss.

Hector stood behind Kurt and put his hand on Kurt's shoulder.

"You are going to enjoy this," he whispered in Kurt's ear, his thick accent adding to the erotic moment.  "And maybe I am going to enjoy you later?"

Kurt leaned back as Hector wrapped his arm wrapped around Kurt's waist.  The muscular held Kurt against him so tight that Kurt could feel the growing bulge of his cock against his hip.  Hector's hot breath warmed his neck and he nibbled at Kurt's ear as they watched.

Billy meanwhile had tossed his jacket on a chair and unsnapped the pouch of his leather jock.  It made for fast access to his ample cock and balls and left his ass completely exposed as he jumped up into the sling.  Sal meanwhile had taken off his shirt and jeans.  Underneath he sported a leather harness that criss-crossed his chest meeting in a large chrome ring.  From the ring another strap hung down and connected to another metal ring, this one surrounding his cock and balls.  The combination of the tightness of the ring and the uplift of the leather strap made his dick look even bigger and harder than it was, which was impressive without enhancement.

Sal helped Billy hook his boots into the leather stirrups on the chains holding the sling.  Soon he was spread-eagle and fully exposed with his round full ass on display.  His legs were spread so far his puckered asshole was just the right height for easy fucking. Sal, had other plans.

He greedily spread Billy's cheeks and moved his face directly between them, his tongue eagerly lapping the sensitive skin around Billy's hole.

"He's nice and clean," Hector whispered in Kurt's ear.  "Billy takes pride in being cleaned out and ready for anything.  It's like a ritual for him."

Kurt tried to maintain his focus, but Hector's presence made that difficult, he turned to him and as their lips met, Hector nibbled at Kurt's lips.  Then he opened his mouth and locked lips with Kurt, plunging his tongue into his mouth, exploring every recess.

When they broke their kiss, Kurt turned back to the scene unfolding before him.

Hector continued his narration.  "He flushes out his ass and scrubs his crack until you could eat dinner on it."

He was panting now as Hector's hand rubbed the lump in Kurt's jeans.  

"Looks delicious," said Kurt in a gravely whisper.

Sal now had a can of Crisco, and was carefully pressing handful's of the slippery shortening into Billy's ass.  As each dollop disappeared inside, he caressed his crack sending shivers through Billy and eliciting a deep moan.

Once his hole was filled and suitably prepared, Sal rubbed more Crisco on his hand and wrist and the begin prodding Billy's asshole with his greasy fingers.

Kurt unbuttoned his jeans to allow Hector to free his throbbing cock as he watched Billy squirming in the sling.  The head of his dick glistened with precum as Hector slowly stroked him.

Sal was sliding three fingers into Billy's ass, pumping them in and out.  As he finger fucked Billy Hector stroked Kurt and continued to narrate in his ear.

"One, two three and soon four fingers, see?"

Kurt nodded unable to speak as he was transfixed at the scene before him.  Sal now had four fingers sliding into Billy's asshole, and the sounds Billy was making were unlike any Kurt had ever heard.  It was like an animal inside Billy had been released.  His moans turned to low growls as Sal added his thumb to the slippery mass of fingers entering Billy's ass.

Hector nibbled Kurt's ear, "now the hard part, getting past those knuckles.  He will do it though, Billy loved getting fisted by Sal,  he has the best hands, small enough to fit and big enough to make the sensation intense."

Sal stopped thrusting and waited.  Kurt watched in amazement as Billy's ass seemed to actually swallow Sal's entire hand had been pulled in my Billy's asshole.  As it happened he let out a gasp and then a long low moan.  His head was tossed back and his breathing was ragged.

Sal grunted, "Fuck yes boy, take my hand. You're doing great!"

And Billy was doing great.  Though his cock was only semi-rigid, he began to stroke it while Sal began moving his fist in deeper and then almost out of his ass.

Kurt was feeling light headed and leaned against Hector for support.  As he did, he felt hector's hard dick poking against his backside.  He had apparently freed it fro the constraint of his leather jeans and was rubbing it against Kurt's ass.

Kurt turned away from Sal and Billy and directly into Hector's face.  He kissed him passionately and reached down to grasp Hector's rigid dick. It was a hand full and felt so good in his palm.  Without thinking he dropped to his knees and took the throbbing cock into his mouth.  He sucked with a passion so aroused by watching Billy get fisted and from the shear masculinity of Hector.

He buried his face in Hector's pubic hair, swallowing his cock deep in his throat.  Listening to the animalistic moans Billy was uttering added fuel to his already overheated sexual fire.  Kurt caressed Hector's balls as he sucked and help onto his ass with his free hand.  Kurt was like an animal in heat, rutting and unstoppable.  He continued devouring hector's delicious pole until he felt it throb.  Just as he pulled his mouth off it,  hector's dick erupted in a torrent of cum, directly into Kurt's face and mouth. He dove back down on it, trying to gather every drop.  Nothing would go to waste.

Behind him he heard Billy growl.  He turned just in time to see his dick shoot a stream of white hot cum into the air.

Sal, let out a maniacal laugh and encouraged him, "good boy!  Shoot for me."

Kurt finished up with Hector's cock and then slowly stood again.  He wiped the past of the cum from his face and licked his fingers clean.  Hector still panting leaned into Kurt and grabbed his head.  He kissed him and then moved to his ear.

"I want you to fuck me. Rip my ass apart fucker!"

Kurt was still hard and needed relief.  The idea turned him into an animal.  In just a few seconds he had Hector's pants around his ankles and grabbed a few fingers of Crisco from the can.  He stroked his cock and the stick his fingers into Hector's  ass and swiftly followed with his slippery hard dick.

In no time, Hector was begging for more.  "Aw yes fuck my ass, Daddy. Give it to me."

Kurt almost stopped when he heard this, but was too far gone to really process the words.  He continued to ram in and out of Hector's muscular ass until he felt the rush of his orgasm.  He drove in deep and held Hector's hips against him as he shot his load deep inside.

As he collapsed over the big Mexican's back, he realized he had taken his first taste of leather,  and even before he could catch his breath he knew he wanted more.