Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Bohemians - Practice Makes Perfect

The leather tresses of the flogger left slight impressions on the pillowcase.  Kurt had propped a pillow up about shoulder height on a couple of suitcases against the wall and he was practicing throwing the new flogger.  Each swing he gained a little more control over the long leather strips that fell from the heavy braided handle. It hadn't come cheap, but Rudy had assured him if he bought a good flogger he would use it for years.

This one was choice. Made of elk hide it had a deceptive softness to the tresses, but swung with the proper control they could deliver everything from a light caress to a sharp thud.  Right now Kurt was still working on just keeping the tresses together as he swung the flogger. The pillow was a target and would react somewhat like a human target with a little give as the leather strips smacked against it.

His toughest challenge was keeping all 22 of them together as he swung the flogger through the air.  When he began it looked like a bouquet of ribbons flying all different directions in a kinetic madness that in no way resembled the controlled bundle of leather that an experienced flogger would command.  Luckily, Rudy and Max had both spent some time with him showing him the basics.

Kurt still felt clumsy and he was tempted to just give up but as he looked at the pillowcase, he saw the slight smudge of leather dye that was left with each stroke was beginning to have a pattern.

He recognized that as similar to the one left on his back by Max when he was demonstrating his flogging technique on him.

Though Kurt was hesitant at first, he trusted Max and as Max had assured him, knowing what a flogger feels like on the receiving end is as important as knowing how to swing it.

Roles meant nothing if you wanted to learn the skills needed to become what Max called a "quality player".  Max made it clear that Tops could bottom for the experience or for that matter for the pleasures of receiving a good flogging.  "After all, Max said, "you're the Top, and if you want to do it who the hell is going to tell you, 'you can't'?"

The instructions had been gradual, giving Kurt a chance to get used to not only the skill but the sensations.  In Max's hand, the flogger was a versatile tool and his carefully aimed strokes felt like a vigorous massage to Kurt, though once the intensity was ramped-up, it took a few seconds to recover from each hit.  His body processed the sensations, triggering a chemical reaction that both acted as an analgesic and a stimulant.  When it was over, Kurt felt invigorated, tingly, and horny as hell.

Of course it helped that Max was teaching him wearing only a jock strap and boots.  When he was finished, and he embraced Kurt to steady him as he came down from the restraints that held him to the cross, Kurt felt Max's hard cock straining through the jock.  He turned to face Max, and was met with his confident grin and a slight whiff of body odor that made his knees weak.  Max, sensing this, helped him to the floor and once on his knees He pressed Kurt's face into the sweaty jock.  This wasn't submission to Max but a reward for his courage.  Kurt greedily accepted the reward and soon had Max's rigid cock out of the jock and into his mouth.

Max smiled at him and fed him the hard tool.  Kurt stroked his own dick while devouring Max and as he felt Max's large balls start to tighten up to his body, He felt his own orgasm flood through him.  Max cock shot three or four strong streams of hot cum into Kurt's mouth simultaneously with Kurt's own orgasm.  His dick shot hot white cum all over Max's boots.  Before Max could say anything Kurt finished sucking the hard cock dry and then dropped to Max's bots and cleaned up his own load.

Max chuckled, "Damn you are polite, too."  Watching Kurt lick the shiny black leather of his boots, "you clean up your own mess! Good manners."

Kurt looked up at Max, cum dripping from his chin and grinned as well.  "My moma taught me to always clean up after myself."

Later that night as Max and Kurt shared a couple of beers, cuddling on the sofa in Max's cozy apartment.

"You have a lot of promise, Kurt."

"Thanks Max," he clinked his beer bottle to Max's.  "I have a good teacher."

"Well you have the start of a nice toy bag, too"  Max picked up Kurt's flogger.

"Jean doesn't make these for just anyone you know."  Max ran his fingers over the intricate braiding of the flogger's handle and let his fingers trace around the bulbous Turk's Head knots that capped each end of the shaft.

"These take hours to do with this kind of precision."  He admired Jean's handiwork.  She was a legendary whip-maker, and her floggers were expensive, but they lasted a lifetime.

Kurt ran his fingers over the soft tresses, "She measured me to make it.  Said it was important that the falls were long enough to control well, but not too long to wear on my belt."

"She did the same thing for me with all of mine." Max gestured to the collection of floggers he had brought out for Kurt's instruction.  There must have been eight or nine and considering each one cost almost $300 each, it represented a significant investment.  Lawyers like Max could afford that, but for Kurt his first one was a big chunk out of his salary.  Still after he got used to handling it he recognized why her work was in such demand.

"The truth is, "Max said looking serious for a moment, "I only end up using three or four of them.  The rest are just because I have a whip fetish!"

As they both relaxed and sipped from the cold bottles, Kurt realized that the time after the scene was as important as the scene itself.  This camaraderie and easy closeness that Max was sharing with him was both intimate and uniquely masculine, and this was a big part of what he had been seeking.  More than just being in the company of men, Kurt reveled in this intimacy.  This is what the brotherhood of leather was about.  Not just the fetish, the outfits, the rough play and of course the sex, but the confident manliness of two men relaxing after sex and play in each other's embrace.

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