Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Bohemians - The Jacket

The work week dragged by, as Kurt did his best to concentrate on customer service and selling furniture.  He tried his best to ignore the fantasies that permeated his sleeping and waking hours.  It wasn't working very well.

The young couple he was helping was in the market for a bed and by the looks of them they would get a lot of use out of it.  She was a tall almost Nordic blond and he was a compact smaller guy with broad shoulders and long brown hair. They were looking at a sturdy Mission Style king sized bed and Kurt noticed that the Woman was examining the slats on the headboard.  She even grabbed one of them and tugged a bit at it.

"It's very sturdy construction." Kurt remarked, "hand crafted right here in California and meant to withstand a good deal of stress and years of use."  Not exactly the kind of value proposition he would normally use, but he had a feeling these two would be using those slats for more than supporting decorative pillows.

She smiled knowingly and then turned to her companion.  "Lay down and let's see how it feels."
He snapped to attention and sat down on the bed, turning and laying flat on his back. Then he raised his hands above his head.  Then he grabbed onto the slats.

She walked around the bed eyeing both the furniture and him.  "Oh that will work perfectly."

Kurt watched the guy on the bed, on his back, spread-eagle and briefly imagined him chained down with his clothes removed.  He closed his eyes for a moment.

"So I can have this delivered first of the week if you like it." 

The man looked up, his hands still holding the slats of the headboard and nodded.  Then the woman turned to Kurt.  

"Oh we like it", she smiled as she got uncomfortably close to Kurt, "any chance you could be delivered with it as well?"

She ran her finger down Kurt's shirt and then paused at his belt and began unbuckling it. 

"I bet you could really take charge of my husband for me."

Kurt chuckled nervously, "well thanks but I am afraid we don't offer that service."

"Don't offer delivery?"

His eyes snapped open and he saw the woman standing a few feet away, starring at him with a puzzled look.  Kurt pulled himself together and replied, "Oh sorry, of course we do, if you will step over to my desk I can get your address.  Will this be credit or check?

After that disturbing little daydream, Kurt knew he would have to do something about these desires.
On his way home from the store, he stopped at the Army Navy Surplus shop near his apartment.  He often browsed the store, looking for military style clothing, but today he wanted a jacket and he had seen the one in the window.  It was a black leather motorcycle jacket, with an attached waist belt, lots of zippered pockets and epaulets on the shoulders.   Kurt found his size, tried it on and bought it without even taking it off.

At his apartment, he stripped out of his clothes, put the jacket back on and stepped into the bathroom to examine himself in the mirror.  His cock had already sprung to attention and the sight of his lean frame and narrow hips exposed beneath the shiny black of the jacket. It left him with no option but to start stroking his dick.

He ended up on his bed, cock in hand, intoxicated by the feel and smell of the jacket.  Before long he felt the pressure in his groin as his orgasm built.  He stopped just in time, removing the jacket and spreading it on the bed he lay flat on it and rubbed his aching cock against the shiny black leather expanse of the back of the jacket.

It only took a couple of thrusts and his dick erupted shooting his hot cum all over the smooth cool leather.  He lay there for a few seconds, still intoxicated by the experience.  As he rose, he looked down at the ropes of cum that he had deposited on the jacket and without thinking, he pressed his face into it.  Lapping every drop of semen from the surface of the leather, savoring the feel of the hide on his tongue, he moaned as he swallowed his own cum.

Exhausted he collapsed onto the bed the now warm leather against his cheek and fell into a deep sleep.


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